Our offer

White label


We offer an integrated service of manufacturing, from the development of the product till the finished product.

We work different procceses for garments, such as Screen Printing, Industrial embroidery, hand embroidery, Sewing, Finishing and shipping. Our versatile organization allows us to be flexible in order, attending such as big orders and small ones, with the same added value.



We offer to importers, wholesalers, boutiques and apparel stores, our collections developed for each season.

Make your orders based on our season catalogues. The delivery makes at the beginning of each season. MOQ are flexible.

Our products: 

Baby and kids garments such as footies, bodies, pants, t-shirts, dresses, blousers, jackets, and a complete line of accessories.


We attend orders from Companies that wish to provide a pack of garments for babies or children, customizing them with applications of delicate logos, if required.

Our Products: Pack for the birth of children consisting of: Jumpsuits, Bodys, jackets, bibs, hats, blankets, knitted cotton towels.